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19th October 2018

This week Year 4 have learnt about the mummification process.  We watched a couple of videos as well as a song to help us learn about it.

After that we put pictures into the correct order and wrote sentences about them.  Once this had been done, we did a little experiment to mummify an apple.  We will find out next week what the apple looks like.

We put a piece of apple into a cup and covered it with salt and bicarbonate of soda.

Times Tables

18th October 2018

Here are a couple of websites that we have used in school to aid our times tables learning.

Restart the Heart

18th October 2018

This week, Georgie's Mum, who works at the RUH in Bath, came into school to talk to us about the Restart the Heart initiative.

We learnt about how to dial 999, how to put someone in the recovery position and we used portable dummies to practice CPR.  We all had a lot of fun learning about these important skills.

Afterwards, some of the parents came in to learn these skills too.

Teamwork Task

16th October 2018

This week we have started to plan our non chronological report about Ancient Egypt.  We started by working together to put an example report back together.  We had to read teh sentences and decide which sub headings they should go under.  We also thought about the title and the opening sentences.  To make it harder, sometimes only one of us could talk and another person could only move the paper.  This made us listen to each other and work better as a team.

Tennis with Chris

9th October 2018

We continue to enjoy our tennis lessons with Chris at the tennis club.  Most of us can demonstrate the ready position, turn to the side and wobbly tooth sequence in preparation for hitting the ball.  It's great we are able to use the courts and Chris is a great coach.

Egyptian Day 2018

4th October 2018

Year 4 had an excellent day learning about Ancient Egypt from Mr Egypt. He spent the day in school explaining to and teaching the children many aspects about the Ancient Egyptians. As he lives in Luxor and works in Egypt, he was able to share his wealth of knowledge throughout the day.

Before break, we learnt some geography and what natural resources Egypt has. We also found out about the first King of Egypt and how the country got its name. We looked briefly at daily life and how important children were. We listened to some music and performed a short dance.

After break, we learnt how they wrote using hieroglyphics by translating some words and trying to write our own names in them. We also tried some Egyptian maths and watched a video about the importance of the dung beetle!
During the afternoon, we were able to handle genuine artefacts, some were over 3500 years old. We also learnt about the mummification process and had a go at wrapping someone up! It was great fun!

We ended the day hearing about some of the most famous Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt before finally hearing a true story about how dreams can come true and how important it is to read.

Throughout the day, Mr Egypt awarded a number of prizes to children for behaviour and contributions.

Good Samaritan

26th September 2018

This week in RE we have been learning about the Good Samaritan and how he showed compassion and agape love towards the Jewish man, who had been beaten and robbed.  We watched a cartoon of the parable, listened to it being read from the bible and acted it out.


21st September 2018

This week we were lucky enough to have Rocktopus in school.  We listened to them play then helped them to create a song about Roald Dahl, which we recorded.  You can hear it on their website.

We also had great fun joining in with their song, which involved a high five, hand shake, fist bump and an octopus wave!  Rocktopus will be playing our song at their concert at the Cheese and Grain on Sunday 30th September.

Rocktopus will also be back at St John's in June working with each class, linking music and sport.  We can't wait!

Dahlicious Day

13th September 2018

We had some great costumes in Sycamore for Dahlicious Day.

Revolting Rhymes

6th September 2018

Little Miss Muffet
Fell on a crumpet
Eating her butter and marmalade
Along came a fly
And flew down beside her

And gave Miss Muffet some lemonade.

Archie, Charlie, Mia Adina, Tameem, Natalia

Humpty Dumpty sat on an egg holder
Humpty Dumpty had a coke
All the eggs
And all the egg holders
Couldn't put Humpty

In the yolk.

Sonny, Rylie, George M, Lea Anna, Aphie

Little Bo-Peep has lost her flu
And doesn't know what to do
Leave them now and they'll come home

Bringing their big bags of you.

Sophie, Evie, Dora, Erin

Three smelly slugs, three smelly slugs
See how they fart, see how they pee!
They all ran after the flying saucer
Who butted their poo with a wallopy horser,
Did ever you poo such a thing so smelly

As three smelly slugs

Edward, George W, Seth, Scott, Oliver A, Nate

Jack and Jill went up the bin
To fetch a rotten tin
Jack randomly died and broke his teddy

And Jill turned into Freddy.

Up Jack got and home did trot
As fast as a dead person
Went to hell to mend his teddy 

With Freddy and the devil

Kizzi, Thomas, Noa, Oliver J, Oliver S, Daisy